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Welcome to Mastery Martial Arts!

For over 25 years, Mastery Martial Arts has been bringing the McAllen, Texas community the very best in martial arts instruction. Our instructors are personally selected for not only their skill and achievements in the martial arts but also their ability to effectively relate that knowledge and understanding to students of all age levels and backgrounds. Therefore our instructors undergo advanced training in all self-defense skills, and each and everyone keeps abreast of the latest teaching methods and human development.

With you in mind...

At Mastery Martial Arts we are not only interested in fighting skills but in the development of each person as a whole. As a famous teacher once said "these are the tools of everyday life, what you learn in here, you can apply elsewhere." Nowhere is this more important than in our children's classes where we realize that we must embody the very same principles that your as a parent are trying to instill in your children.

A modern approach to self-defense...

Although our techniques are based on century old knowledge, it is our application of that knowledge that sets the Mastery Martial Arts apart. We realize that each of you possess different natural abilities; size and strength will vary from person to person, etc. That is why once you have acquired a strong foundation and ability in the basics, our program is individualized to match your physical capabilities in order to maximize your self-defense skills. Should the need ever arise you will possess a firm understanding of exactly what it takes to both mentally and physically defend yourself or your loved ones.

Our system of martial arts...

Mastery Martial Arts places focus on two martial art programs. For adults we offer Mastery Kickboxing which is Thai Kickboxing. This program is known for its emphasis on weight loss, toning muscles and overall physical transformations. It is the best approach for total body fitness. Plus, Thai Kickboxing is known as the most effective stand-up fighting system. For children we have our brand of Kung-Fu, known as Mastery Kung-Fu. This program is known all over the Valley for its success in instilling confidence, discipline and respect in children. Our kids are known as the "Kung-Fu Kids."

Also included in the training is the self-defense against empty hand, gun, knife and club armed attackers. This training is from the Israeli Self-Defense Systems. We don't stop there. We also arm you with the skills from the stick fighting system from the Philippines, known as Kali/ Escrima.

As times change, so do the requirements of a martial art in contributing to the community. Under the capable leadership of Master Zamora, Mastery Martial Arts is a martial art that continues to keep pace with the times and benefit all who come to study. "I believe the ability to defend oneself is a personal right and the martial arts to be a priceless treasure."

Men & Women

We realize how important it is to look and feel great. This is why Mastery Martial Arts puts fitness on top of the list.

One thing to realize is that professional fighters train to be in the best shape of their life because they have to meet a tremendous challenge... another highly trained opponent! Well, we believe everyone has to be in top physical shape to look and do their best everyday life. With crime on the rise and violent assaults on females up, it pays for today's woman to have first hand self-defense knowledge. Our programs specialize in self-defense so you can learn the basics quickly and easily. We will teach you how-to overcome grabs, punches, kicks and even weapon attacks.


Mastery Martial Arts offers a whole range of benefits to aid in your child's learning process. Apart from the increase in motor skills such as coordination, balance and agility; our programs offer a number of far reaching mental benefits.

Through the Mastery Martial Arts method your child will also learn self-control, self-respect, concentration and self-confidence. These skills go a long way in helping your child excel at home in school and in life.

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